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The Trading Store

"A new look at the Ormonde Road Store,

Where there's compost and seeds and much more.

We've a large space for seating

And meeting....and eating.

You'll be impressed when you see it, I'm sure."

~Mike Hibbs, 2021 Virtual Show Entry


The Trading Store is open on Wednesdays and Sundays, 10.30am - 12.30pm. Please show your membership card when making purchases.

Please find the current price list for the store here (April 2024). We cannot guarantee that everything listed is in stock but we will do our best to keep the list up to date.

The Trading Store provides a diverse range of gardening items from seeds, bulbs and fertilizers to pots, tools and compost. We buy in bulk and sell in bags of around 3kg or less, so prices are significantly cheaper than proprietary products doing a similar job.



Seed Potatoes


Our Seed Potatoes are selling fast, at the same price as last year - £3.60 for a 3-kilo bag, with smaller amounts available on request.

The following varieties are available:

First Early

Foremost, Pentland Javelin, Rocket (last few available)

Second Early

Acoustic, Kestrel, Maris Peer



Main Crop

Picasso (last few available)

Main Crop - organic & blight resistant

Java (replaces Sarpo Mira)


Payment can be made by cash, card or via BACS (see above).

Franchi Seeds
We now stock Franchi Seeds - well known for their quality and value for money. The Franchi family 
have been raising seeds in Italy for seven generations.  The seeds are of popular Italian varieties from all over Italy - from the Mediterranean in the south to the foothills of the Alps in the north. The northern climate is not unlike Britain's.    


We stock a range of 42 varieties of Franchi seeds but if you want to experiment further have a look at their website – and send in your order – we currently manage to get delivery within a week or so of order.




We have 4', 6' and 8' canes available.


Currently, we have Durstons Multi-Purpose compost in stock at £5.70 for a 40-litre bag, and we also have Sylvagrow Peat-Free compost, £7.90 for a 40-litre bag.


For more information please contact the store manager,

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