The Trading Store


The Trading Store provides a diverse range of gardening items from seeds, bulbs and fertilisers to composts, pots, tools and that invaluable commodity advice!  With a discount to members of the WHA.

As well as being our shop, it's also our club room. Here you can find members meeting for a natter over coffee and biscuits and sometimes, if you're lucky bacon sandwiches! There's a noticeboard full of information and a library of gardening books and ring binders packed with more information.

The WHA Members' Trading Store is run by a small band of enthusiastic members who will be very happy to see you and answer your questions about the Association.


Seed Potatoes now in stock - Potato Sunday was a very busy day at the Store and Foremost is now sold out.  There are still stocks of a further 8 varieties including a new one - Maxine.  Click here to download an information sheet with details of these varieties. 

WHA Calendar - Do have a look at the WHA Calendar with photos taken by WHA members locally, in their gardens, allotments or at an outing.  £7 a calendar.

Franchi Seeds
We now stock Franchi Seeds - well known for their quality and value for money. The Franchi family

have been raising seeds in Italy for seven generations.  The seeds are of popular Italian varieties from

all over Italy - from the Mediterranean in the south to the foothills of the Alps in the north. The northern

climate is not unlike Britain's.    


We stock an experimental range of 42 varieties of their vegetable seeds, so why not drop into the store

and try something new?

The Manure Heap
The club manure heap is on plot 9 on the Ormonde Road allotments. There is a new heap at the far end of the track near plot 89. We buy manure by the trailer load and sell it to club members and allotmenteers by the barrow load at £1.50 per std. builder's barrow - all done on trust. Take what you need and pay next time you're in the trading store. If you need to bag it, rather than barrow it, just estimate how many barrow load equivalents you've taken, and pay accordingly.


We have had another delivery of 8 foot canes ready for your sweet pea and runner bean structures.


We have Levingtons Essentials general purpose compost at £4.00 for 50 litres to WHA members. We also have a few bags of the specialist Levingtons John Innes 1, 2 and 3 compost at £4.00 for 25 litres and also growbags at £2.40. We also have Perlite and Vermiculite to add to your seed compost.

For more information please contact the store manager,

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