Week 1 Class 1 Tony Gale.JPG

Class 1 - Tony Gale

Week 1 Class 2 Denise Frewin.jpg

Class 2 - Denise Frewin

Week 1 Class 3 Sally Ballard.jpeg

Class 3 - Sally Ballard

Class 4 - Sheila McKeand

1. Almond Marzipans

Carefully remove top layer of marzipan plus balls and manipulate with hands to soften. Pick out any obvious dark cake bits. Roll out and cut with small pastry cutter. Wrap around individual peeled almonds keeping a nut shape

2. Brandy Bites

Take half remainder cake and mash with a fork. Add sufficient brandy to maintain a firm texture. Roll into small balls, about the size of a small Ferrero Rocher, and roll in chocolate vermicelli. Put in fridge for a while before eating.

3. Cherry Surprise

Put rest of the cake mixture into a blender. Add enough cherry brandy to make firm paste. Form into small balls and flatten slightly. Dip into ground almonds. Place a glace cherry into each patty so it sits on top safely. Sprinkle with a little icing sugar.

Serve in small petit four cases.

Class 5 - Sally Ballard

“Left-over” Veg & Sausage Crumble Bake

This dish makes good use of left over veg, end bits of cheese and makes a small number of sausages go further. You can add as more veg and sausages depending on the number you are cooking for - the following will give 2 people a wholesome supper.

any veg in the bottom of the fridge Carrots/potatoes/parsnip/celery/cauli/peppers- just anything you have left over, all chopped into chunks
1 tin of tomatoes
1 jar of gherkins
3 sausages, chopped into smallish chunks
black pepper
2 tsp. ground cumin or curry powder

Crumble topping:
3 slices of granary bread, crumbed
store cupboard herbs
good chunk of cheese - hardish cheddar or the like, grated

pre-heat your oven to 180’/165’ fan assisted/350’/gas mark 4
*put your chunks of veg into a bowl
*pour over the tomatoes, gherkins and sausage chunks
*add black pepper to taste and the cumin or curry powder and mix well
*transfer to an ovenproof dish

For the crumble topping:
*in another bowl add your breadcrumbs
*add 2tsp of herbs - such as dried thyme/oregano/basil or tarragon
*stir in your grated cheese and spread over the veg and sausage mix

*place your ovenproof dish in the pre-heated oven and bake for 45 minutes until veg chunks are cooked through and you have a nice crispy topping
*serve with rice, pasta or on baked potatoes

Week 1 Class 6 George Rowson - nom Mike

Class 6 - George Rowson

Class 7 - Joint win between 

Liz Davidson


Rachael Norwood

Week 1 Class 8 Sheila McKeand.jpg

Class 8 - Sheila McKeand

Week 1 Class 10 Pauline MacBrayne.JPG

Class 10 - Pauline MacBrayne

Week 1 Class 12 Graham Frewin.jpeg

Class 12 - Graham Frewin

Week 1 Class 14 Emma Choules.jpg

Class 14 - Emma Choules

Week 1 Class 16 Joe Ingleby Age 9.jpg

Class 16 - Joe I.

Week 1 Class 9 Denise Frewin.jpeg

Class 9 - Denise Frewin

Week 1 Class 11 Pauline MacBrayne.JPG

Class 11 - Pauline MacBrayne

Week 1 Class 13 Sally Ballard Caption.jp

Class 13 - Sally Ballard

Week 1 Class 15 Sue English nom Pauline

Class 15 - Sue English


Class 18 - Joshua F.