Happy National Poetry Day! 


Close all your other tabs right now and don't look away,

'Cos right here is the website of the W H A.

For info on the shows, or talks or prices at the store,

You're in the right place, so let me tell you more...

Voting in the virtual show is easy to perform,

Choose a class, scroll right down and click on the form.

If there's an entry that has really really made you exult,

Cast your vote, cross your fingers and await the result.

Whilst you're here, take a look around and see what you think,  

Like a butcher's shop our website is jam packed with links.

Maybe you'll find something that will stoke an ember,

Of horticultural joy, why not become a member?

The webmaster, it turns out, is an undercover poet?

My veg I like grow it, and show it, you know it!

So have a good week, and don't work too hard,

See you soon for the results, 



The Wokingham Bard